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" Nature... Environment... Conservation... are mere words unless one sees nature as an extension of oneself and one responds from the heart to facts which the head relates to".


'n' hectares of forests lost every minute, increasing consumerism, collapse of values, youth either indifferent or more caught up in pop culture - general pessimism - yet - rays of hope exist - one such ray - Wilson College Nature Club with small beginnings in 1979.

The Nature Club of Wilson College - affiliated to the nature club movement of World Wide Fund for Nature - India (WWF), is one of the most active college based nature clubs in India. It has an annual membership of 500 members and reaches out to over 10,000 people a year through its activities. The Nature Club while having strongly committed to conservation believes that the fun element is necessary to have meaningful and sustained contribution by the young to the conservation efforts.

 Nature Club of Wilson College is a part of the tradition of Wilson College of adding value to students and the world around. Wilson College is one of the oldest colleges in Mumbai starting from an education tradition founded by Dr. John Wilson in 1832.

The nature club has objectives which out lines its mission but Olivia Newton John in her song "Promise" couldn't have put it better:


" If I can make one man aware, one person care,

Then I would have done what I promised you".





 Help young people experience the wonder of nature and wilderness areas.

 Help understand complex natural process and principles.

 Create awareness about environment and issues of conservation.

 Initiate conservation action and conservation education activities.

 Bring about environment friendly lifestyles.



 Nature Club

Nature Club - a co-curricular activity with a mission. As a co-curricular activity it offers opportunities to learn, to develop skills, use talents and have fun. As a mission it attempts to get the uninitiated to enjoy and care for nature, it attempts to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment regenerate.


Creating Awareness : Nature Trails, Exhibitions, etc.

Conservation Activities

Plans for the future


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Conservation Activities

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