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A little bird flew down to me and sat on my knee

As I was standing alone one day beneath a tall green tree

He didn't beat round the bush He came right to the point

He looked at me in the eyes and said

'Come over to my joint'


So I flew away with him Till we came to an open field

He pointed to a hedge and said 'My home is what you see'

I stood and stared and stared and stood

And I knew something was wrong

For the silver lining upon the leaves was where it didn't belong


So I turned around and told the bird, Something doesn't figure

Do you think you could be so kind as to explain it in good measures?

The bird with a grim look pointed out at a distant row of buildings


And at the yellow smoke that poured from the chimneys and the shieldings


He said my days are numbered for that awful, choking stuff

Comes floating down and gives my lungs a beating far too rough

Lately I have been retching and my head begins to pound

Everything is upside down and my world keeps going round


There's a river that comes flowing from the buildings that you see

It's color, I am sure is odd and it carries mercury

And this killing thing has got into the leaves of every tree


And many friends of mine have died from eating poisoned berries


This field was once so good and flocked with living things

Now nothing at all will grow on it There's no comfort you can bring

For the rain which falls has eaten away the plants which once did grow

And for your kindest information this ecosystem is now a close


Now I don't know if you know about something called pollution

The bird said this to me with a sarcastic look in my direction

'But believe me when I say it has a lifetime guarantee


To send you to your hunting grounds very slowly and very painfully


I stood there upon the field and the bird, he flew away

And a strange kind of cloud seemed to blot the SUN away

I hung my head in shame what else could I do?

I shrugged my shoulder, I was powerless,

So I made my way back to.


- Indrajeet





Come gather round all my friends, near and far

For, I have something to say,

Sit yourself down, age or sex there's no bar

Black or white, you can stay

The time has come to your weariness behind you

It is time to put our hands to the plough

For the time has flown, and the day will be there

We must prepare for the night will be


It happens so often, the things that we say

Contradict the things that we do,

For once perhaps, we can do without the words

Our actions will bear enough fruit

For the world as I see it is in bad enough shape

And it seems to get worse every day

Disaster looms ahead that we cannot escape

If we don't do something today


We have raped the land and plundered the forests

And snatched the homes of so many

We have blocked the clear and cold mountain streams

We have killed for pleasure so many

To feed our own egos, to satisfy our lust

We have ruthlessly hounded and maimed

For we know fully well that the weak and the dumb

Will not raise the finger to blame


Yet, how can we expect to save our own earth

When of love we show no clue

We show no care for our brothers and sisters

They're a part of the human race too

People are still killed for their colour and their skin

I was told it's a civilised world

A friend of mine's been searching for a heart of gold

He's not found it, now he's getting old


Well, you can call me religious and all the names you can think of

You can call me whatever you may

Truth is eternal and cannot be hidden

You can't change what I've got to say

We must break up our heart, we must reach out our hands

For the sake of the one's to come

Times been changing, the end may be near

If something is not quickly done

Oh! Walking on a high wire

Oh! We are walking on thin ice


- Indrajeet





The same little bird flew down to me and sat upon my knee

It was just a song or two since he last spoke to me

So I sat up for a little while and I gaped at his little head

When he opened his beak to speak this is what he said


My friend, me dear human friend

Why are you laying down there

Don't you know that this world has got a few too many cares

If everyone got to lazing around the way you are doing now

How will this world survive, tell me how


My friend, my dear human friend

Your race is a peculiar one

You say so much, you pray so much

Your doing is never done

You pursue all your shadows without a thought for anyone else

You fight, you strive for a little more

Canít you see beyond yourselves


My friend, my dear human friend

Why must I cry these tears of rage

You don't seem to know just what you are doing

And you and I and all other beings can live only if we can share


The bird he flew away and I sat up to think

My mind went around for many days

When I tried to mend my ways

I met the little bird's friends

They said don't come here anymore

It was rather unfortunate he being shot by the kid next door

Don't you know that this old earth is only home we have

You and I and all other beings can live

Only if we share, can live only if we care


- Indrajeet