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Mr.Thomson calls the waiter orders steak and baked potatoes

He eats the bone and gristle and he never eats the skin

The bus boy comes and takes it with a cough contaminates it

Puts it in a can with coffee grounds and sardine tins

And the truck comes by on Friday and it carts it all away

And a thousand trucks just like it are converging on the bay

Oh Garbage!


We are filling up the seas with garbage

What will we do when there's no place left to put all the garbage


Mr. Thomson starts his Cadillac winds it down the throughway track

Leaving friends and neighbours in a hydrocarbon haze

He is joined by lot of smaller cars all sending gases to the stars

And the sun licks down in to it with an ultraviolet tongue

Turns it into smog then it settles in our lungs

Oh Garbage!


We are filling up the sky with garbage

What will will we do when there is nothing left to breath but garbage


Getting home and taking off his shoes he settles with the evening news

While kids do homework with TV in one ear

While Superman for the thousandth time

Stalls taking dollars and conquers crime

Dutifully they learn the date of Birth of Paul Venir

In the papers there is a piece about the Mayor's middle name

He gets it read in time to watch the all star bingo game

Oh Garbage!




We are filling up the minds with garbage

What will we do when there is nothing left to read

And there's nothing left to need

There's nothing left to watch there' nothing left to touch

There's nothing left to walk upon and there' nothing left to talk upon

Nothing left to see and nothing left to be, but garbage


In Mr. Thomson's factory they are making plastic Xmas trees

Complete with silver tinsel and the goedesic stand

The plastics mixed in giant baths

From some conglomeration that's been piped from deep within the earth

Or strip mined from the land

And if you ask them questions they say why donít you see

Its absolutely needed for the economy

Oh Garbage!


Their stocks and their bonds all garbage

What will they do when their system goes to smash

There is no value to their cash

There's no money to be made but there is a world to be repaid

The kids will read in history books how financiers & other crooks

In feudalism & slavery & nukes in all their neighboury

Their histories dustbins there conscised of lot of other kinds of garbage.


- Pete Siegers