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Plans for the Future


The Nature Club believes that the best in terms of efforts and experiences and contribution is yet to come.

1998, theme for exhibition, " National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries and Wilderness areas in Maharashtra", with the focus on the Tiger. Tentative dates: 24th to 29th August.

Annual camp, Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in the Himalayas and Dudhwa National Park in the terai region of Uttar Pradesh. Tentative dates: 12th to 22nd October.

Tree planting, snake shows and campaigns plus more cultural shows and many other surprise packages are being planned.



The spirit is willing but coffers are empty

Appeal for Help


The Nature Club is a student body which needs to find its own resources. Most students come from economic background with limited funds. 

All activities are subsidized or are fully paid for. Activities like exhibitions require lots of money and entry for visitors is free. Annual camps to distant wilderness areas are heavily subsidized. So the nature club desperately needs financial support and sponsors.

We request help in the form of materials, posters, books sent to the nature club address. Financial contributions must be in form of cheques or drafts addressed to "Principal Wilson College", with a covering letter mentioning nature club as beneficiary. All donations by individuals and institutions in India are eligible for tax exemption under 80 G of the Income Tax Act.

The Principal
Wilson College
Mumbai 400 007, India
Tel.: 91-22-3637663




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Plans for Future